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Refresh your body and spirit with our all natural, moisturizing botanical soaps from Australia, healing and soothing herbal packs, or some of our rare, all-black leather scented candles hand poured with great care to help set the scene to perfection.



Simple Scents Australian natural soaps, originating from one family business in Australia, are made with the finest botanical ingredients, including a generous amount of glycerin and plant oils for moisturizing and bubbly lather.  These soaps are triple-milled twice, long lasting and delightful in their assortment of fragrances.  With ingredients like palm oil, olive oil, aloe vera, glycerin, and shea butter, you skin is sure to feel refreshed and pampered after each use.



Our herbal packs from here in the USA are created with healing in mind, the healing of aches, pains, and stresses of everyday life as only a time-out with a heated or chilled pack full of soothing herbs can do.  Our Herbal Packs are scented naturally from the ingredients themselves, and will retain their fragrance for about 100 reheating times.  Flaxseed is the heating element in these Herbal Packs, with no unnecessary additives.



We are so pleased to have a LuminesScents Candles of New York exclusive, and we now offer you these rare, exquisite leather scented candles of the deepest black color inside and out.  Our black leather scented candles are far beyond any other leather scented candle you can find on the internet or anywhere else.  Quality and care in hand-pouring the time-honored paraffin candle, and years of candle crafting experience ensure just the right scent of rich leather in a shiny black candle.  Our candles burn long and beautifully, and will remain entirely black throughout the entire burning.


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At Twilight Scents, we want our customers to experience the environment of an "old time" apothecary shop mixed with a modern spa counter, a blend that caters to clientele who want the simple luxury of helpful, soothing, natural soap, candle, and herbal pack products and some handmade treasures of signature fragrance.  You can browse our store for black leather scented candles, natural botanical soaps and herbal packs, or just come in for a cup of tea and relax at our little shop while going through the art, craft, herbal, and scent related informational pages that feature our scented  items for the person who wants to feel great at the end of the day.  Most of these items are in stock (including hard to find entirely black, hand poured leather scented candles).  We take pride in being able to offer only the finest botanical, natural soaps, soothing herbal packs, and leather scented candles in black or brown.  Visit our online Twilight Scents store pages to order your botanical soaps, herbal packs or leather scented candles anytime.